In 1979-80, when we produced The Boffomundo Show and had so many wonderful guests - you would think that we would have been smart enough be take a few pictures? We had the chance of a lifetime to do these and yet there are no actual photos posing with Phil Collins, John Goodsall, Robert Fripp, Armando Gallo, John Wetton, Larry Carlton, Fumio Miyashta, Bernardo Lanzetti or Al Di Meola!  We were young, nervous and not too media savvy.  At least for In The Mode and Total Sound, we managed some shots with Adrian Belew, Dr. Timothy Leary (!) and Bill Bruford.  They (plus shots from The New Boffomundo Show) are presented here along with screen captures from the videos and various historical sundries.


Special thanks to Lee Desser for all the Total Sound pix.

The All Ears Boffomundo Show
Robert Fripp (King Crimson)
Fripp & Boffomundo Boys
Bernardo Lanzetti (PFM)
Thanks, Bernardo!
Phil Collins & John Goodsall
Phil, John, Ron & Aaron
Al DiMeola
Al & Ron
Adrian Belew (King Crimson)
Adrian & Ron
Adrian, Aaron & Len Peyronnin.
Dr. Tim Leary & Adrian
Total Sound (1990-92)
Bill Bruford (everyone)
Bill Bruford's Earthworks
Bill Bruford
Django, Iain & Mick from Earthworks
John Goodsall
Fire Merchants on Total Sound
The NEW Boffomundo Show 2016
They're back!
The Power of Three
The Boffo Boys (Aaron, Ron & Keith)
Bernard "Bunny" Brunel
Ron & Aaron welcome Bunny
Boffoboys & Bunny
Drummer Virgil Donati
It's all coming together
Bunny's beautiful bass guitar.
Another design example.
John and Bunny in sync
Aaron plays air bass
CAB in performance