Robert Fripp:
The Boffomundo Interview 1979
Officially transcribed from the original Boffomundo archives, including additional lost footage, Robert Fripp: The Boffomundo Interview 1979 reveals an intriguing and unique look into the mind of one music's masters of precision and creativity—all through the subtle brilliance of Wayne's World-esque early L.A. cable access hosts Ron Curtiss and Aaron Weiner.

Featuring aired and unaired content from their 1979 interview, this is the first complete Boffomundo interview ever available in print or in video. Also inside are a new introduction by Ron Curtiss and additional context-creating articles and interviews. This is a gem that could have been long forgotten if not for the archival masterminding of Curtiss and his dedication to preserving the prog legacy. A must for all fans of King Crimson, David Bowie, philosophical self-inquisition, and technological wizardry.

BoffoBits #1 

In this BoffBit, Phil Collins (with guitarist John Goodsall) explains that Brand X is a day band and night band featuring various musicians and that the then-current, "Product" album was created out of the material produced.

Historical Progrock Tales & Anecdotes From 
The Boffomundo Show.

BoffoBits #2

John Wetton tells the tale of his song, "Starless and Bible Black" and why it didn't make it on the album of the same name. 

BoffoBits #3

Robert Fripp Describes Life On The Road As A Solo Artist in 1979.