"Do a web search for The Boffomundo Show and you’ll find yourself tempted by a rabbit hole deep enough to harm your relationships and job history. Between the late ’70s and early ’90s, the public-access TV show hosted a who’s-who of progressive and jazz-rock personalities for interviews and live performances. This LP takes a couple sets by Fumio Miyashita off the shelf for the first time since 1980. In the mid-’70s, Miyashita founded the Far East Family Band, which was characterized as Japan’s answer to Pink Floyd, with future new-age star Kitaro. Live On The Boffomundo Show is simultaneously more cosmic and naturalistic than anything by either his old band or his famous ex-bandmate. Playing over rudimentary but persistent rhythms, Miyashita set a full array of space-age blips, avian chatter and snaky synth melodies to tunnel through the heart of the sun and out the other side."

—Bill Meyer

   Fumio Miyashita
     Live On The Boffomundo Show

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